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Letters Re: State of Tyranny
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2013-08-21 18:43:09 (UTC)

#5 is a response letter to #4

To tina << a tyrannical mother]

So-called family, yet organized crime, acting under color, constituting shams, coercion, and extorting performances (RACKETEERING) is not something I should be pleased about per your text 8/[email protected]:38pm. I am not living in some fictional imaginary world that you pose (as light) for me to live in. From the letter I sent you not long ago about our circumstance, to your last letter, to this one, the record is straight as far as I am concerned. I know what I can and can’t do, what wears us out, and what don’t. I can breathe to make it one more day till next time, and do it until time for you is no more… I live for my kid’s. It is about rape of the natural world of you with me with my children and with Jimmy. Stealing and selling time (at a choice), in making for me to have to learn to live and breathe looking down the barrel of a gun, as my family is held hostage for me to have to pay a ransom price to get’em back. Trying to run over and leaving me as well as Jimmy out of the said and/or to even consider us as important in our children’s lives, using our made to a poverty level as a weapon against us, keeping us down, at your irresponsibility’s to be true to life and of life circumstances. And doing it all at the same time while telling me Lloyd’s daughter was killed. Not to mention your making for a deadline to meet as to a response, while us being raped in the process of it, or you’ll make your new imposed circumstances worse than they were when you started them, at your full rights over and above Jimmy and I’s. And I notice you have a new choice way with your words as to suddenly calling my time with my children visitation. So I went back to the last letter you sent Jimmy and I on 6/17, where you entangled to blend me with Jimmy, insinuating to imply he of something to Tyler and Kenzie sleeping in, you threw it up in the air like a scent, yet you left it on a table. As well as of that last letter falsified an appearance, setting up and implying all throughout that letter of Jimmy and I to be arguing over time with you to see our children, when the truth of the matter is we were both on scheduled time at the time, with no need to argue about anything. Of that letter you intangibly yet tangibly in your own equitable way settled a dispute for us when there was no dispute for you to settle in the first place (a total lie). Jimmy and I have never argued over time concerning each other over our children, yet used your implied powers in saying we did, and then some, and then took over, like by rein’s, control of our lives. I am simply just marking the record of what exist, especially considering our time was scheduled by you as to our children previous to the that letter you sent us on 6/17. As Jimmy had every other weekend Friday to Sunday morning, and I had every Wednesday night to Thursday morning and technically every Sunday afternoon. Since that letter Visitation has especially been being emphasized…. I am letting you know that you are in total violation as to falsifying material (towards your own equitable interest) and trespassing on my rights as a person. . . I am courting you the only way I know how right now.
And I spoke to Tyler and Kenzie yesterday. They are okay with us doing Wednesday nights during the week each week starting next week, unless of course Jimmy needs that night for some reason someday. Which I cleared it with Jimmy already today, he is okay with it. He told me weekdays will be hard for him. And for the record Tyler, Kenzie, and I doing every Wednesday night simplifies the headache of the process each week, as it reduces the chaos. As well as Jimmy told me he is going to get Tyler and Kenzie this Friday. Next weekend can be worked out next week. Tyler and Kenzie told me as to this week in us seeing each other, said we can do it Thursday 8/22, which is tomorrow. So I will pick them up from school tomorrow afternoon, and take them to school Friday morning, along with taking their overnight bags to STC for Jimmy to pick up if that be the case. And just so you know Tyler and Kenzie we’re sick that they will not get back their usual time they used to spend with their dad. I told them not to worry about me, I’d take them to do their horses. Tyler and Kenzie are not in agreement with what you are doing, nor do they have it in them to fight about it with you. They wasn’t in agreement last time at the beginning of the summer, nor this time, said they were told what they would do. So nobody as to you asked them anything according to them…. Yet you say let Tyler and MacKenzie have their say in how they spend their time. What is good for me and Jimmy, should be the same for you with them, yet you are dictating to them instead, and passing it off as though you didn’t.

And for the record friends are where the time is with family, you are badly mistaken in your considerations…

And you’re right, Love does not seek its own end, I agree.

Roxie <<a mad daughter]

Love is spirit, love is spirit acting on truth, love is steadfast truth…

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