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2013-08-21 20:28:07 (UTC)

Wednesday 21st August.

Uhh what's happened since last Wednesday haha. caught up with Megan and a few of the other sheilas with Heaves on Saturday arvo for lunch. was good to catch up with her and all that, Sal brought little Gracie who is a little cutie. on sunday our soccer match was cancelled due to the pitch condition, we weren't overly happy about it but about 25% of all matches were cancelled which created a bit of turmoil within the league being the last game of the season before finals. they offered to replay it this coming weekend but our coach told them to shove it. it kinda ruins our perfect season because it might go in as a forfeit from us now, or a draw.. and we were going to annihilate them because they lined up to play us with just 7 blokes and 2 chicks (2 players short) but meh I guess eye on the prize hey. grand final in 3 weeks. work has been steady I guess, couple more apprentices starting work in October, so that will be good to see 2 new faces around I guess. unless they're douchebags. we have our Akuna Kindy quiz night this Friday, we've made shirts to payout Dave for being a pom, with his face cut off and stuck onto Stuart Broad's(pommy cricketer who didn't walk) body. looking forward to having a good night with Jakob before he heads up to the top of queensland with his brother for a few weeks. he'll miss all our soccer finals, mad Monday, presentation night etc.. which sucks. especially because i'm really thinking of not playing next year, for various reasons. but yeah, the quiz was a great night last year and I don't see why it should be any different this year. umm no soccer at all this week, wont really know what to do with myself ha. been feeling kinda flat the past 2-3 days, and can't really put my finger on the reason why. i'm excited as that Claire is coming over in November, like i actually can't wait and i'm counting down the weeks/days. I have to try and remember to make her order fish and chips :) but I dunno, i can't help but wonder what happens after she visits ya know. I just feel sad sometimes about it all. I think about stuff way too much I know, but I can't seem to help it. i'm gonna lock this once I've posted it, because I don't want her to see how pathetic I am to put things plain and simply. and it might sound stupid, but i'm kinda worried that once she's got nothing to read about me.. she'll lose interest even more. it already feels like we don't talk about a whole lot right now, just the basic stuff. which is what she wants I know.. but i'm struggling with it. maybe i'm just being stupid. but the longer I go without talking to her, the more I miss her and think about her. it truly does worry me as to what i'm going to do if nothing works out. and I feel helpless about it all, as if it's all in her control. I guess it pretty much is. I've tried to forget about her once already in the past(habbo days) and failed miserably, and that was without even meeting her. now i'm a goner :( I've never felt like this about anyone before, I really think i'm in love with her. i'd do anything for her.

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