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2013-08-20 06:35:33 (UTC)

Happy Birthday - To me

On this day my birthday, I want to reiterate my love for my guard, my shepherd, my grace, my Lord, my father....Jesus Christ

Without fail, I fail every time I am away from him. Yet he never condemns me, always there for me and he doesn't stop there , he blesses me. I am nothing, a non entity without him. I am full of flaws but he manages my life. When I have no energy, when my stomach is full of pain, my heart bleeds and I just want to stay in bed, his love shines through, he shows me how good I am, how I can be the best, he reassures me and gets me up. He is wonderful to me. I want to use this opportunity to say I am sorry....I am sorry I constantly fail you....I am sorry I failed as a husband and father. I feel so ashamed.

As i look forward to the next stage in my life I want to live a life of purpose, a life full of quality and determination. It is not going to just fall into place , its going to be tough but with Him by my side I know I am a conqueror.

I pray that he gives me the knowledge and wisdom to learn and understand the work I am doing.

I pray he gives me the determination to learn my mathematics - as I take one year of my studies and plan to spend this time-off studying deeply what i have learnt.

I pray he puts the hunger back in me as i pursue my business interests.

I hope he gives me the wisdom to make the right decisions as I embark on my business projects and travel.
I pray my interest in my health and leisure activities don't dwindle and he makes me determined to have a focused and organised life as I pursue all my activities.

I pray he gives me the patience, wisdom and focus as I go through financial mediation with my wife. I pray that he helps us to stop the squabbling and make the true and correct decisions regarding our children and both of us.

I pray that he removes all the anger in me, makes me live a life of peace, a life of tranquillity. I pray he makes me let go.....

I pray that he rebuilds my house, he makes me relevant again in my (next) home. I pray he gives me the strength to build my next home in his image. A house filled with good spirit. A house showing Gods beauty. A house from which good children will come out of. I pray he makes me a homemaker.

I pray I will look back at this period in my life and thank him. He will break walls for me, he will turn obstacles into steps for me to climb higher, he will lead men and women that will enrich my life to me. He will make me wise and make me a MAN.

Today is a turning point in my life, when I yield to him to lead me.