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2013-08-19 07:04:21 (UTC)

Labeling people

My apologies on my last posting. I pretty much labeled Mexicans because of the way my ex was behaving. I really feel wrong for labeling Mexicans just because my ex is one. Every individual is their own self and the ex isn't bad because she is a Mexican. She is bad because of the way she grew up and the choices shes made. I was ranting a little without thinking first.

Well, kids aren't here for me to drop off. I was hoping or clinging on to a little hope that the kiddos were here somewhere. I was hoping maybe they spent the night at their older sister's house and they'd be dropped off at my doorstep this morning so that I could take them to school but it's not gonna happen. Sigh...

Oh well, it's going to be a busy day at work. I'm just hoping I get through today's work without any drama from the nut at work.

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