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2013-08-18 20:13:23 (UTC)

Kids not here

Kids suppose to be here. Ex registered them in school and school started last Thursday. They haven't been to school yet. My vain attempt to inform the ex that school is very important for the kiddos and it's really bad to miss the first few days of school. The ex already told the school that the kids would be coming on Monday instead. Well, it's going to be Monday tomorrow and kids aren't here so of course, the kids will be losers like their Mom.

Is it a Mexican thing that the ex don't seem to care about an education? Are they thinking they can milk the system? Well, the system is dry by tenfold already. Whatever.

Ex don't like to speak on the phone so I texted her every fucking mean thing I could say to her. I'm sure I've said this before and done this to her before so she isn't changing but now I'm using words that really hurt her and I'm really letting her know I don't take any shit from her or anyone anymore.

Lack of communication is what pisses me off the most! I don't really care what the fuck she does but I guess I still care for the kids. I hate to die here on this earth knowing I let the ex make losers of these kids. I don't want the to learn to lie to people, cheat with their future boyfriend/girlfriend, steal from the Government, not care about higher education, and literally having no impact on this planet. I know I can't teach them these things with her alive. I prey she just croaks and do the world a favor because nothing good can come out of her being on the planet.