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2013-08-14 22:42:07 (UTC)

Friend is back in town

My friend was on a two week vacation. It's her first day back and I'm so happy to see her again. She called and asked me to go to dinner with her. We got to catch up on stuff and it was nice. Finally a non-psycho person to talk to. She's cute too but we're just friends.

We talked about work, love life (actually lack of it lol), friends, future goals, camping this weekend, and all that fun stuff. I enjoy talking and listening to her.

Work today was stress free. Psycho bitch and I didn't have to work together today. I hope a meteorite falls on her :) I know it's a waste of a meteorite but oh well.

I drop off the check to the property mgmt company tomorrow. Moving in 15 days.