2013-08-14 21:33:34 (UTC)

Wednesday 14th August.

well well well. umm what's news. work has been sweet. talked to Claire on the phone Monday night which was a breath of fresh air. I think I could actually listen to her voice all day. soccer was actually stupidly hard last night, even though we won. Derek(coach) asked us all individually what we thought went wrong with the game.. (we were down 2-1 at half time but won 4-2).. it felt like we lost from the way he carried on, which just added to my thoughts of not playing next year. tonight caught up with Dan (mum's ex) and picked up his old dining table etc, then had a couple of beers over it with him. ended up having tea back at his place which is literally just down the road, with him and his new missus tammy who is really nice, and her 2 kids. went through the times tables with her son seth haha, it reminded me of when I was back in primary school learning times tables. they were really nice kids. on call this week from Thursday, which will be good. put in for time off work in November, and switched an on-call week from the Thursday beforehand. ah it feels so long away. I wish I could like fast-forward 2-3 months of my life. catching up with megan and the crew on Saturday for lunch because she has just moved back into town after living in Sydney for the past 2 years. it'll be good to have her back around the place, but I think things are kinda rocky between her and shane(bf) because he's only moving back to Horsham (around 1hr away) where his parents are(work). but I don't really want to press the issue haha. the tigers play carlton this weekend who are our arch-rivals, and I truly hope we annihilate them. aand it's our last minor round of soccer before a week off next week and then finals.. the weather is also really gay. and I miss Claire.

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