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2013-08-13 19:06:02 (UTC)

A reply from a normal decent person :)

The world has hope yet. Maybe I'm not the best example of being a nice human being but this reply shows there are Nice people out there.


I read this entry, and I went cold.

I'm not COMPLETELY sure, but I just think you might want to
hear this.

I've received feedback from an email address that didn't
actually root to an email site, it was like this:
[email protected]
The person was rambling about how I show signs of a
sociopath? and talking about a long lost ex gf? and I have
NO idea what the Hell he was trying to say. It was almost as
if he was TRYING to make me uncomfortable.

The other day one of my closest friends received feedback
from a similar fake address .. and after reading the
message, I hadn't been so disgusted in my entire life.
The person basically told my friend to burn in a fire, Go to
prison and die, etc...
He took weaknesses that my friend wrote about in her diary
and threw it into her face, used it as a tool to manipulate
He said soul crushing things to my already emotionally
unstable friend.

I wrote a long entry that expressed my feelings about the
situation and the person and asked my friend to post it into
her diary.
It pissed the person off SO much, that he sent feedback
again.. and claimed to know my friend, and that he knew
everything about her and that he was going to expose her..
and that she'd BETTER not post anything from me anymore, and
that if she said anything else in her diary that pissed him
off, he's going to make her sorry, etc..
It was completely made up, and full of nonsense, but it just
showed how insecure this person truly is.
He tried so hard to be all big and bad,.. but I saw right
through it. It was so obvious that I hurt his bratty little

I have my suspicions that someone is going around on this
site sending insane messages to people just to get off on
the thought of putting people down. I can't say for sure..
but I thought I'd let you know this could be the same person
who sent feeback to you. /:

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