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2013-08-13 17:51:42 (UTC)

Feedback from ???

Someone must think they know me or they think I'm someone else. My parents? Sorry, Dad died in the 80s. Library? Sorry, don't go there too. I appreciate the thought that I'm somewhat of an intellectual though. Stalking? Not for me. Too dang lazy to do that. Seems like more anger from someone that thinks it must be their boyfriend or husband. Hmmmmmm...
Email is an alias and I'm guessing they get a thrill out of emailing me but so be it. I'm not whomever you think it is and you don't need to read my posts if it bothers you so much. I suggest this person go to the library so they never have to bump into me :) lol

Ha! What do you think that now years later, you can now come
up with a new cover up story. we "all" laugh!
please try us..please..we are waiting! We have so much proof
in the pudding that you started this all, besides dates,
prints, sites, pictures, and IP address. Besides countless
talks, posts, rants about everybody, and anybody. Fake
aliases, mocking, and harassing. The hate letter about your
parents, lies against your siblings, your secret hidden
affairs. Wait...several and we mean several witnesses. Wait
should we say more. And a stalking report that we have from
the police that can still be used against you, a detective
that was involved from way back when. Close friends, family
members and so fourth who will and shall testify against you
for your "stalking" who you first started! Your lies, and
manipulations on several sites that someone who we know
located all you info. from. So yes, needless to say...please
please let this ball finally start rolling. So we can
exploit your prints. From phone to home to library
locations.etc. Your lies will come out in the end one day.
And us fighting you off, and back does not mean we were or
are the perpetrators. So enough with your aimless tactics.
Hey if your caught your caught. Why can't you learn to just
take the heat or the blame for once without the need to feel
as though you have to drown and take down everyone else with
you? Divide and conquer? We warned you to leave us
alone..Seriously but why can't you? Can you please just stop
so you can stop hurting others and yourself?

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