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2013-08-13 15:58:19 (UTC)

Crazy Person at work

I can't believe it. There is a project person that I'm working with and she is fucking nuts!!!! She went to my bosses boss today and complained about me. It was an email back in 4 2013. We didn't work with each other at the time so we were good friends. We kidded around and our emails and conversations got silly but sexually inappropriate. Nothing nasty like I wanted to fuck her or anything like that. It was wrong but we both were guilty of it.

She would come by to my cubicle and pretend by saying "So when are we flying to Vegas?". She asked if I tried online dating a few times and she talked about her past relations. She also said she wouldn't want to date an older man because she didn't want to spoon feed him later. She didn't want to be a nurse maid. She even said that I should just get a dog. It's much better than dating a person. So we got closer. Nothing happened. We just took our conversations above a business conduct. So that was that. Or so I thought.

Today, I got pulled in to the office once again and my boss said I was going to be written up. It won't go to HR but it was an email that I sent to that psycho bitch that She indicated was inappropriate. I confess that it was but she started all this way back when. We became friends and joked around.

It's only when we started working together is when I found out how nuts she is. I'm so pissed at her. She said just as many stupid things as I did so we both are guilty of this. Now I'm the one that has to sign some papers? Fuck fuck fuck!!!!

I think the email was talking about some other person and that they had to turn on their vibrator because that person was obviously in a bad mood. Yes, I'm guilty of that but she started this path and I thought it was an understanding between us. Now she just wants the gloves off. So I'm hoping that if this gets escalated, she will also be in just as much hot water because we are both guilty of non-business discussions.

Fucking Bitch!!! Anyway, I talked to my boss's boss and let him know that before I get branded, lets paint the whole picture here. I told him before that this psycho is dangerous to the group and that we shouldn't have her here running projects in the Engineering group but did they listen? No! Now here I am, screwed with a possibility of losing my job. Hope this person gets what she deserves. If she ODs from her drugs (she confessed that she takes them), then so be it. Grrrrrr!!!

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