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2013-08-12 17:34:30 (UTC)

Monday 12th August.

beeeeen a while, I've been busy haha. umm last week went to Adelaide for a work course from Tuesday morning through to Thursday afternoon. Tuesday night caught up with my old girl, simsy & sarah for tea and a couple of quiet beers.. the course was boring as hell. Wednesday night went out for tea with the boss, the leading hand and another bloke from Berri workshop (all SA water). at about 10pm the boss and leading hand went back to the hotel but the Berri bloke and myself went to the Rosemont for a few more beers and then another from Berribloke's course joined us a bit later. The beers flowed and we played the heads&tails game and next thing you know I was making a fool of myself and returning to the hotel near 4am. I missed the alarm (if I even set it?) and missed the bus tour for the final day ha. it wasn't too much of an issue though because the actual course was finished. during the day while the rest of the group were on the bus I caught up with the old girl for lunch and she showed me around her work and introduced me to the folks she works with etc. by this time I was pretty sick of the city because it wasn't quite like good old mount gambier, the city seems so busy ay. flew home Thursday night and I could have sworn we were going to die whilst landing during a storm.. the plane basically bounced as it landed and slightly drifted sideways for a split second, but alls well that ends well as they say. had soccer training as usual Friday night and then early Saturday morning it was our club's turn to host the 'FUn in the Park' and run the kids through some drills. there were like 5 different age groups and about 100 kids all up. heaps of the kids looked ridiculous in their big shorts and soccer shirts because they were so little lol. most lost interest in the drills after about a minute and insisted on us "swinging" them for entertainment. but it was fun. did not much Saturday afternoon apart from watch the tigers pencil in their spot in the 2013 finals!! hella exciting, and now i'm heaps nervous for them. umm, changed the serpentine belt in my ute because it started squealing like a stuffed pig, and that pretty much filled in my Saturday. had soccer all day sunday, and after being 2-1 down at half time.. we eventually won 4-2 which was our closest game of the year (still undefeated). today at work I had a pommy bloke fresh out of Uni with me to help figure out what's going on with our fluoride plant. as much as I dislike pommys he was a genuinely nice bloke and I look forward to working with him in the future. all last week I was waiting to see whether or not Claire would decide to come visit in November, and as the week progressed I had a feeling that she wouldn't. I actually had a dream (i think it was Friday night/ Saturday morning? can't exactly remember), that she told me she wasn't going to come, and then when I woke up I had a message on facebook from her saying that she had decided that she was going to come.. so I felt reeeeally weird for a short period. but now I just can't really wait until November, and it seems so far away :(. I've tried guessing her password thing a few times but then each time I just feel stupid and/or lame haha. I just really miss her. on a happier note, got a call from Dan (mum's ex) and he's giving me their old dining table (when I say old it looks basically brand new) because his new missus is moving in with him and she already has one so he's just looking to get rid of it. so I said i'd buy him a box and we decided we'd move it all on Wednesday and have a couple of beers on it. score.

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