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2013-08-11 17:44:16 (UTC)

Tring, Tring

Tring, Tring
(conversation between friends)

Time limit. The sets!
I am staying. Frustration!! Bureaucracy is called mis time. A tring. Careful monotonous movement.
Reception. Stay. Do not move. Let's fall. Here is the answer of my question. Love. Do not provoke.
Tring, tring, tring. Plant start up. Hiding somewhere lousy bureaucracy. I love the shoot. Glide the kill. Ik, a tring, secret hiding there.Why goes silent? We thought and philosophy mbytas kills himself called frustration. A tring. Who would dream silence kills. Thought killed in seductive conversation. I am, I want one ....
(tring, tring, tring) "support idle fantasy."

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