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Good morning from the cafe, Vietnam

Good morning from the cafe, Vietnam
                       by Erma Xhillari on 2011-04-09 at 6:51. PM
  Who knows where it will go tonight? Someone came and knocked morning. I tired to streak down the door. As early! The cold air collided me in the face. Tired with a tangle is stumbling all night and do not let the dream I saw a bit of my thoughts. Faces you pass in a well-defined time as a chronology of past days. Records, clash, with a rokopuje figures. The common thought has entered our dreams and sleep all together like a big kid with (received) entered a part of our self to form a world that I only governs. Lord of my dreams. Self has made mighty overlord as an undisputed sovereign. I am in my dreams, confusion has taken place and is starting to take shape. A color area sensor or a black and white? Desire elusive, unreal bitten by realen kiss. I only wish a little color or maybe a Yber, and wishes to increase the added a picture. Gray face the day I crashed. What mezitshme day! Background not gave me nothing but laziness boshesise and walked glance without encountering obstacles. My senses were turned away upset and demanded that they once felt a few moments that had left. Sloth, lethargy. An Cafe? Later.

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