2013-08-10 16:36:54 (UTC)

Goodmorning from News Line

Goodmorning from News Line
According to a pace "predetermined", wishes to impossibilities, to weaknesses forces, nothing can be the beginning of an end, without a plan to extend the time span qendresa full. Where prohibitions become prey of a future, I look away and my pikeplanin. Who knows, maybe it will find the end of the thread to interweave mess of life. A walk back to the start will be seen as critical obscure and will give us the opportunity to pezant sight and inaccessible. However, the results lead us to say what we desire unreal. The touch line a little way and then return to the daily ions. The game becomes interesting one step forward two back.
What will regress called us out as the beginning of a progress. Strange but true. Rotation is the opposite turned out. (canine rotation)

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