2013-08-08 08:01:28 (UTC)

8/5/13 Mon

woke up around noon. Korean togo. then J went to work.

he asked me to come back for stuffs. i thought he would make up with me but he was so violent and so unreasonable. he already threw away all broken shoes. then he packed everything in plastic bags. he slapped me again. broke my 2 new necklaces and bracelet--$200 down the drain again. i called 911 twice but didn't talk. he broke my sim card. i was so mad and left twice but came back twice but he still wouldn't give in a lil. i wouldn't leave like this. he was going out so took my phone and 2 car keys. i had to stay here. was watching tv and reading magazine. forgot what i ate. washed hair. sleeping on couch at first. was scared sleeping at home alone. then went to bed.