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2013-08-08 07:52:45 (UTC)

8/6/13 Tue

he was out a whole night again. i was watching tv and reading magazines for another day.

he came back after 9. got into argument again. i got key and phone back and left. put in the old sim card but couldn't work. office to give money. could use wechat with wifi. talking to him on wechat but still arguing.

back to daly city before midnight. J was worrying this and that. i don't know what to do. easier if my cousin was coming so soon. also worried about the money he owes me. cooked dumplings. he asked me to come back so i came back at 3. couldn't get in the front gate. was circling around. i think i got another camera ticket for turning right on red. he came back and let me in.

had sex. made up. went to sleep at 6.

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