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2013-08-08 07:44:16 (UTC)

8/7/13 Wed

got up at 2. he was asking me for money and of course i got mad. told him to ask his cousin or whoever he hangs out with everyday.

wasn't so sure if i should put everything back again. only did some bathroom stuffs. not much to eat at home, cooked curry. asked J if he wants to cook tonight but he is busy. i don't want go out either. Still need to go Verizon to get sim card but don't want go out for that. if i don't work, don't need use phone anyways.

watched a whole day of TV. still checking emails now. what did i do?

he came back at 11. had sex. ate clear noodle. went out again to move tools. asked me for money again. i dont want to give him but i have to if i'm here with him. i think he should be able to give it back.