Diary of Naomi
2013-08-07 14:32:26 (UTC)

At Granny's

So my vacations have been pretty lame. But not at all.. On Tuestdays and Thursdays I go to Granny's. It's fun 'cause two of my cousins live with her, and when my brother and I arrive all she wants to do is pull her hair outta her head xD. I mean, it's not like she says it, but I'm pretty sure that's the way she feels.

Yesterday was Thursday and if you're as smart as I imagine you are you guessed I went to Granny's yesterday. So yeh, that's right :). Grannny and I went to the grocery store to get some food. She told me to look for some rice, 15 pounds approximately , and so I did. It was so heavy that I decided that I'd leave it there for a sec, while we finished looking for all what we needed, and so we did. We came back to look for the very very heavy bag I had to fill up with 15 pounds of rice, and guess what?... IT wasn't there! Some opportunist must have take it! Can you believe it?! Ugh -.-

After that, I told Granny I was doing the salad that day, because I'm very known for my (in all modesty but in good sense) excellent salads!
After I prepared the salad and poured it, when I decided to eat, there was nothing left! They ate it all! And didn't left anything for me!
On one hand, I was really glad they liked the salad I prepared for them THAT much, but in the other hand, I wanted to try some! Ugh -.-

It was a very very hot afternoon. We were literally melting. I really needed to take a shower, but I didn't bring any clothing to wear later. I told Granny's to find a swimsuit (because I was taking a shower outside), so that I could take a shower with that swimsuit. It was the most refreshing shower I have ever taken! Whoa!

And that was my day! Hope you liekd it!

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