My Rants
2013-08-05 17:21:31 (UTC)

Rant 2

The last time my rant was about one friend. This time it's about another.
This girl is one of my truly best friends and means a lot to me. Sometimes though, she gets on my nerves. And lately, the frequency has been increasing.
It could be my fault too, as she obviously thinks, but this is my rant so I am going to go by the assumption that it is all her fault.

She is demanding, very.
She is always criticising my actions and decisions and thinks what she does is the best possible way,
She is a shopoholic and eats a lot. I have to give in to peer pressure at times.

My finances are not good at all, but SHE JUST DOES NOT UNDERSTAND IT.
worst of all, she criticizes my parents and that gets too much to stand.

One little thing I say to her and she thinks am rooting against her, she just does not see that she does this all the time. And if i say it, she makes a fucking sour face and gets all sarcastic.

i have to be good to her as we are the closest here and we stay close to each other too, so travelling is always together. WTF.

Then, everytime I say sorry but she always has this thing that she always solves the fight,