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2013-08-04 21:19:46 (UTC)

Time for another move

Moving again. Sometime around Sept 1st. Looked at a few places already so we'll see where I'll be. Bought moving boxes, already have tape, markers, and shipping wrap. So it won't be like my friend's move where she didn't pack, no boxes left, no packing tape, and no electricity in the house. That was pretty messed up.

There are now two things I wouldn't wish upon anyone. One is the pain of divorce. The other is having to move. That really sucks. lol I have lots of time and I've done this a lot so I know what to do as the weeks go by.

Today was pretty much drama free. Had my leftover lobster for a late lunch and now being pulled by the magnetic couch with a bit of packing from time-to-time.

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