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2013-08-02 18:41:57 (UTC)

Got a check in the mail :)

Got a check in the mail that I let sit for a couple weeks now. I thought it was just stupid advertising or something. It ended up being a check for something that happened way back in 2005-2006. Gosh darn it feels good to get something instead of shit like Medical bills from Blue Shield saying I owe them money for medical bills from a certain someone.way
Yeah, yeah, some reader on here will call "bullshit" and that I'm making up stories again. Well Mr/Mrs cynical reader, I can tell you that I'm way too stupid to make up stories like this.

Anyway, I'm going to cash it tomorrow and see what man cave toy or some other "wanted but not really needed" thing I can buy with this :)

Tonight, I'm going to the sportsbar and hook up with my old dart partner to see if we have some magic left in our darts for next season.

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