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2013-08-02 21:32:59 (UTC)

Friday 2nd August.

today was alright, was in the workshop for most of the day rebuilding vacuum regulators. had to duck down to Kalangadoo to adjust some stuff for the weekend but all in all a good day work-wise. forgot to mention a couple of things from a bit earlier in the week.. the old girl and simsy are planning like a family type trip to bali in January/February, with myself, shelbs & kasey (simsy's daughter) to go with them. mum thinks it would be great for kasey because she's never had any brothers or sisters etc, so it should be fun if/when it happens. also I told bec that I went and visited Claire and she fully cracked it and I haven't spoken to her since. but it doesn't bother me at all, she knows how I feel about Claire. speaking of which, i'm assuming she's pretty conflicted as to whether or not she should visit me. I think/hope she wants to, but at the same time she doesn't then want to have to go back home and not be able to stop thinking about stuff/me. and I totally understand that, because i'd be in exactly the same boat. but at the same time.. I really really want to see her, and I think it would be worth it. i'm not exactly sure where I or this whole situation stands with her right now, because she doesn't talk much about it to me anymore. I guess maybe that goes with the whole keep it casual thing, but I wish I knew. having said all that, at the end of the day it's entirely her decision, she's been through a fair bit and I gotta get over myself a bit and respect whatever choice she makes.