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2013-07-31 20:01:19 (UTC)

Wednesday 31st July.

its been a long week. had drinks for Mr.T Friday night with everyone at the club, then caught up with the old girl for lunch on Saturday. caught up with lubes briefly Saturday arvo/night but he was having a big shin-dig at his place and I had soccer the next day so didn't stay long. chels came around about half 7 and we just watched some tv before I fell asleep on the couch. woke up at 1am and crusher was on the other couch playing xbox cause he had been down the pub - then I fell back asleep again.. until about 3.30am when I woke up because my mum had come back to my place to stay after she'd finished babysitting her friend's kids, crusher was still playing xbox so I crawled into bed and they both slept on each couch. old girl headed off back to Adelaide and I got picked up by miffy to head to Millicent for soccer on sunday morning.. and we dropped crusher off on the way. we won all grades, Millicent didn't even score all day.. pretty cruisy. had the funeral on Monday, was quite sad. a lot of people travelled down from Melbourne and even Greece for it, and it was a big day. just recovered Tuesday pretty much. Claire gave me some dates that she's planning on coming over and staying which is great, reallyyy looking forward to it. although I think she still can't decide whether she is actually going to come.. so i'm not going to book any time off until she has actually booked flights lol. ah I really miss her. words can't describe it.

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