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2013-07-30 20:18:18 (UTC)

My psycho ex has been dethroned :)

I actually met someone even more psycho than my ex. I feel like calling my ex and letting her know. This bitch is someone at work. She's a project lead and she does not have a clue on what to do. Not only that, she flips from one thing to another. She doesn't even recall the things she says. This is the worse person in the world to work with.

She is an HR transfer from another dept. Her position no longer existed and so she had to be shuffled. In other words, they couldn't stand her and they officially removed her position just to get rid of her. She is an HR nightmare. She fights with her assigned mentor. She fights with me. She doesn't understand one bit of Networking whatsoever.

So the Proj group gave her to us. What a fucking nightmare! I'm the first to fight with her but I won't be the last.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Before we fought, we actually got along as friends. She told me about herself. She is 40 something years old. She has a dog. She doesn't have kids and isn't married. She rents a room. She even tells me why should I want to be with another person when a dog is much better. If only dogs could talk, I bet even they would bitch about her.

My buddy told me that any 40 woman that never got married or have kids have something wrong with them. Of course, this is with some exception like women that can't have kids, or Nuns, or career oriented, etc. However, this bitch (yes, a bitch) is just plain loco!!!! How I hate working with crazy people!!!

First she wants to know about my internal meeting with the network group. Then later she indicates she does not want to know. Today, she again wants to know and somehow forgot about the email she sent saying she didn't want to know.

Then, she asks me about a project mgmt question. I told her how to do it and then she complains about how long it takes to get an answer! I helped her out when she should be asking her own peers on what to do. So even though I helped her out on how to do her job, she still bitches about it. Grrrrrr!!!!

Later in the men's restroom, I asked my friend to go out with her and fuck her brains out so we could all be at peace. lol

Oh man, hope my avenging angels go after her sorry ass!!!! I'm in no mood for dealing with crazy bitches at work!