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2013-07-29 10:09:45 (UTC)

Political Information

Political Information

Of political, economic or war takes place today? The individual is aware the concept, crowd revolt The distribution is evolving and rises in revolt as an individual, the individual. The blame rests time, without daring to accuse the development of thought and the progress already retrogressed.
     Heads collect events from history, and discharge responsibilities on behalf of an ideal or of a party, or a political konfrontiste for a good purpose, that of peace. Stagnation has taken place everywhere. The revolt of the individual tired of endless words that hand up, where as demonstration of force and both human right, took his face. Many believe in its role as a responsible individual presumptuous promotes walking time, without knowing that it took him and his face is swelling as a megollaman pending
adaptation unified, compact.
To browse literature today, the individual comes time to face the example of history that should be taken. We clashes literature of the past with the present look evolution. People believe in the benefit of present and still do not understand why we have remained revolts of the requirements stage without end. The individual is tired of this massacre that eyes see us. I have hopes and eyes to the child, but lost hope in our eyes and we are getting a little tired to ceasefire for yourself. "Democracy", what irony that hurts without feeling hic. Skllaverojme live free of each other to survive in this arena sarcasm. Therese, I think a fair amount of latitude when unwittingly are entering a war vllavrasese.
Looking at recent events occurred in mines Bulqize cilesimi "Miners slaves of mafia power" leads us to this conclusion. "Galleries
mines are turned into concentration camps to modern times where poverty holds own lives and freedom of miners and their families, while the rulers of greedy businessmen out millions of euros cheaper price benefits to miners' skin slaves, that poverty work forces die in mine galleries. "- written in e Socialist MPs demand.
 Ideals or perhaps mental image of a right of freedom seems to have lost its true meaning. Clash of two bases (crowd, individual) bring a whole unification. The crowd takes the role of the individual and fights for himself. Individual and reshapes itself in revolt with ideas, and I raised edges meaningless to society. I, or you? Visual and material progress is visible. It was not seen and touched is not "ideal", which puts us to the test as people with no rights or outlooks. But referring thought you just wrote, the ideal of the individual and the society he, lead in the same way that the progress we regress. From blemish in splendor! What is our role in this class warfare? This is the question that makes everyone and no one I could find the answer. And remain to revolt "speech" and "free thinking" no solution could catch a stable and sustainable progress