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2013-07-29 09:58:57 (UTC)

Comments on some current point between the parties

May 16, 2013 at 7:44 pm

In the daily press to launch the campaign news are on the agenda. The views and interviews clarify many points circumvented. It seems that not voting three laws within the state of our parliamentarians on these three laws in the EU, Brussels
       Our Parliament has no difficulty in debates among EU member states, but within ourselves.
The three laws are a litmus test, the Albanian political class, to put aside partisan political debates. Should these three problems solved internally Albania to obtain EU status.
         1. - Free choice
         2. - Increased economic
         3. - Unemployment and assistance
Doing free solution in Albania is impossible, it is almost a race to display personality and power. And who will find understanding of the status of being free? In this chaos movement, speeches come and go. Worthy soldiers of democracy. It was not out is his capacity to enter their records not kept. Nothing is coincidence or difficult words but, "meaning" the true default clause as between quotation marks.
And what else is left wing? Swear to make the old policy. Offensive statements of Mr. Basha:
  - "Rama is not the enemy but is neither friend."
To extinguish a worldview, a war, an effort, to achieve that for which you also, works, is degrading. Our policy is always criticized, for nationalism, from the EU to become more intense during the elections. For this problem the U.S. has sent a memo to be done carefully with nationalistic statements.
However, the campaign has begun. Elections and propaganda are defined.
      She was impressed is an interview with Mr. Agron Duka, saying:
   "SP lists are personal list head" - and is making the same mistake as in 2009, when Mr lost. Fatos Nano. "
Nano structures give importance to the formation of party militants who ideonin it and played the game of gambling who gave the offer to the candidate who will take on the role of deputy.
            What can be expected from personal lists Mr. Rama and what he can play the game to win this campaign, let great uncertainties. PARAGON will be an election in 2009, and which will be played for the PARAGON.
     Shahen rotation as if we were talking about the standard inner tube and impregnable. Rival says rival.
 As happens not only in Albania, but wherever there is a tendece to politicize issues and could return against one party or the other. No party should not be used as a soccer ball in this election period.
      But let's leave the course events. Party leaders make their play and what ours is the first time that we realize that what we required, in addition to a free vote, to support their work and efforts of our standard of living
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