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2013-07-28 02:07:15 (UTC)

7/26/13 Fri

he was out the whole night again. so pissed. came to office but need the number in the back of the phone. so went back. slept 2 hours. lucky i woke up before 9. Oakland biometrics at 10 very fast. could have looked better if i slept more and if i didn't be with him. he is just like tiger, give me nothing but bad luck. office to finish the affidavit for phone claim. home slept until 9. had so many dreams. it's 9. he is still not back. i think he prob went to sac to gamble again. i would have gone out to shop or eat or work but he fucking broke my phone. feel insecure without a phone. so gonna stay in this weekend and wait until my phone comes next week then start my single life. i've had enough of his shit. wechat me back at 10. he didn't apologize like before just said oh phone was left at fd's house. i got so mad. yelled at him on wechat. i'm done this time. really gonna break up with him. don't want take this shit anymore. he came back. slapped him. already threw his clothes out. he was a lil mad but more sorry. he was ok to break up one min and dont want o another. i don't know what he is thinking. he prob don't know either. too young and too immature. despite how pissed i am, he still went to apartment to drink with his fd.

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