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2013-07-26 07:50:20 (UTC)

7/22/13 Mon

couldn't go to work b/c he didn't come home for a whole night. he finally text me back in the afternoon. i was so pissed. keep calling him and he said he went to sac and just came back to apartment. i won't stop calling him and yelling at him. well, i have every right to do so. he finally came back and said he's had enough and regret and i cal money with him again. we spent over 40000 March-June, he gave me 25000 and i fronted 16000. then he shut up. he even thinks i'm too cold hearted. omg, how immature and unreasonable! he is the one being cold hearted. i won't stop talking but he won't listen. he said give him some time to move out or some shit.

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