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2013-07-26 07:41:17 (UTC)

7/23/13 Tues

he went to work. i got up. feeling bad from last night's fight. i don't know if we broke up or what. went to office at 3. told phil i want to start working at pm. he said he will book a room if i go so i decided to go. Sears shopped a lil while. came back, got ready. went to pm at 9. had 4 tables: Ronald, lil fat, a hao, all old customers. i made 370. don't know if i will do good as before but should be better than folsom. got high from a hao's room. couldn't even move in phil's room. even talked to him on phone. asked him to come get me but he won't. phil took me to his place to rest. took me back at 4. he got mad on the phone. when i got home, he was cutting all my shoes and some clothes. and told me to leave and even slapped me twice. but when i was ready to leave, he won't let me. broke my phone again. finally went to sleep at 6.

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