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2013-07-25 05:58:42 (UTC)



I feel very angry. I can understand she is upset but the things she has said especially on finances giving she has so much of “our” money with her just disgust me. She has a dark heart.


My soul is weak. I don’t feel like doing anything. I have so much work to do and organise but the will is not there. My inside is empty and my bones feel so weak, not a flicker of fire is in me. Its like being depressed.


Clearly I am not ready to embark on a relationship right now but the irony is that I think I need love. I believe the love from a woman and the satisfaction you get from receiprocating such love will spark my life. I am still so sore though so prefer to concentrate on my children and the love I give to and receive from them.


I feel that I have let them down badly and I must make sure things don’t get worse for them. That is why I would put them first and above my personal wishes and needs. Their love sustains me.