aris' thoughts
2001-10-10 13:33:38 (UTC)

a scare and nerves

i had a huge scare yesterday as i walked in the door from
my sons karate training, the police department had called
saying my husband was in a mva and was taken to the
hospital. my first instinct was omg he was drunk (as usual)
will lose his license and his job and my whole body was in
panic. but i turned just at the right moment and saw my
children standing there and my strength took over, i told
the kids mommy has to go somewhere and am calling nanny (my
mom) to come play, they got excited of course. i called my
mom and whispered what happend and she was on her way home
said about 40 mins. as i prepared the kids quickly in pjs
and snacks popped a movie in for them i called my Mistress
to let Her know what was going on and that i did not know
if i could make it back to be with Her online. She
understood completely and offered if something serious to
call Her collect , at the time i dont think i realized what
a priveledge and how much comfort She gave me by offering
this but it did. mom got home and i left immediately to
hospital, i cried all the way there so i guess i really
dont hate him as much as i thought. so many thoughts went
thru my head i dont really remembering driving but i did.
well come to find out he is fine just got bangged up and
bruised thank god and the big news is he wasnt drunk.....
yipeeeee..... for once in his life he was not drinking yet
oh more good news, it was with a company truck so my second
vehical is unharmed... again a very lucky thing. and for
more luck it wasnt even his fault some lady ran a red
light .... soooooo big sighs in relief. when i got home i
called Mistresss to fill Her in and She told me that a
problem or what i thought would have been a problem with
Sir HJ and my sis has been cleared up and all is well..
seems i am very lucky lately, i know i my
Mistress is at hospital by Her house at the moment having a
big test for a surgery She is having and i can feel Her
neves. i am very confident She will do great and have been
throwing kisses into the wind as i think and pray for Her.
needing a nap aleardy but know its not gonna come til at
least after meetings at school today so just taking it easy
til then.