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2013-07-23 19:50:54 (UTC)

Been awhile

Its been quiet some time since I sat down and wrote online. Normally I write in my paper journal. But for some reason, I have the urge to pop back on here. I started back on my antidepressants, even tho I don't want to, but feel like my depression is getting out of control again. I have those cutting urges daily for some reason. Nightmares as usual. Not sure whats causing it all.
Kids are up getting ready to do their own laundry. I just got home from shopping, only spent a few bucks, but either way, needed the time out and away from things at home.
Im struggling with getting organized. I want things back how they were two-three years ago. Who knows what happened. Could have been the issue of my second oldest moving on. Think things turned then and I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things yet.
Just a quick update....got tired of the emails reminding me of my journal here.