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2013-07-21 20:12:51 (UTC)

Being able to see yourself

I just got back from Camping at Kidd lake. it was a lot of fun. Fishing, swimming, eating everything that I'm sure wasn't low fat :). Drinking and eating at the campfire. Just having fun without a care in the world.

This camp was merged with both the Single parents group and a hiker's group. So the hikers group were a bunch of married people. The single parent's group was my bunch and I knew them all. I could see the difference between the two. Sad to say but I can see how we single parents are broken. I observe and see how the married couples get along.

I could see how the married couples were communicating, sharing, compromising consistently. They weren't fighting. They would give and take. They shared responsibilities watching their children. All the while, "we" the broken single parents watched and learned or at least I was anyway.

This camp was very informative. It showed me where I am and where other people are. Yes, my place in life sort of sucks but it's ok. I know every day is a new day and it's up to me on how I want to make of it. I'm glad I went to this camp. It shows me that what I'm looking for is actually out there and although I went through hell, it's not a figment of my imagination. I am so used to hanging out with my single parent friends that I was starting to think our lives was the norm. Well, it isn't. We can be elsewhere. Don't settle and make a move. Sometimes any move in life is better than just settling with what you have and where you are.

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