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2013-07-21 07:38:11 (UTC)

7/20/13 sat

Came home before 4 whilr I was showering. Said phones no battery. Also mentioned gonna open a new one need 20000. I cant decide if I shoukd lend/invest. I think he can pay me back but need lay down rules first. If we together, no interest. If we r not he needs to pay 10% interest. Got up at noon. Came to limitless at 3 to do oil change by myself. All 4 cars have problem. Have to do one by one. Oil change 114. Tanforan Ulta bought the cheap lip gloss youtube recommended. BN next door. gtr called for dinner. San mateo Ramen so quick. he called me and didn't believe me. Did video chat. Lucky I was outside he couldn't tell. gtc wasnt happy about me being busy I guess I thought he is mad. But whatever. Who is more important now. Rushed home. Got ready. Finally could wear the watermelon top I had for so long that couldn't wear to work cuz no matching buttom. Apartment pick 2 ppl up. On the way asked cookie to come play. Didn't think she would actually leave on a sat night. Biz that bad for her huh. Took half e in car. Did some k inside. Got high. I was more in love with him. Hopefully its the high illusion. He didn't want go endup so me and him came home. Talked my relationship history again. Had sex. He asked why is my pussy getting loose. Got me so worried now. Im gonna try the pill first then surgery. Just for him. Now im gonna be obsessed with being young just for him. I think I really love him. Why do I fall in love with a young kid when im 32? He is nothing special why? Am I just lonely?