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2013-07-19 00:26:13 (UTC)

7/18/13 Thurs

Home at 12. Sat at sofa bed until 1. He said he was tired. So went to bedroom. I took a shower he was sleeping. Asking what ge will do today. He didnt want talk told mr to shut up. Im sick and tired of this prison single life. He finally went outside to sleep and even said dont want to come home tonight. I feel so neglected being his gf and feel so disgusted. He is making me feel unwanted and he is destroying my self-esteem. I got into this relationship too quickly. He either doesn't know how to love a person or doesn't live me. Or he has gambling problem not adequate to love anyone. I could have lived a much more fabulous life being single. I love him but I cant take it anymore. Should never love a guy more than he loves me. Office for 1 hour. Stoneridge mall for the first time. Bought my first burberry scarf. Macys bought sale jewelry. Start liking jewelry now. But still love pink and gold. Didn't call him for a whole day. He called me at 8. Cane home after 9. Bought taco from jack in the box. Also bought chicken bowl for him. Its 12:30. He is not back.

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