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2013-07-13 18:14:00 (UTC)

7/12/13 Fri

Got up at 3. He agreed to go dmv but going to apartment. I pissed so he wait for me. But wont go out with me cuz if what I wear. Office give money. Kmart. In a bad mood. Yelled at him. Didnt even lock door. Stupid mind today. Poppeys but didnt go in. Home.
Didnt see the big fight coming. Well not big compare to the breaking my things and kicking me out. I showed him wechat. He got mad I added guys again. What a big deal. Then he got dressed to go out. Talking nasty. Wanting to break up. He left I was feeling so bad. Wanted to go work. Came back cuz his car broken. Then I was talking to him like every time. Deleted wechat guys also fb guys. Fremont house smoked weed. Im summarizing 3 problems he thinks im a slut asking toi much money bitch at him everyday. Gonna show him every spending everyday

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