deanne and Connor

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2013-07-19 16:24:30 (UTC)

My task....

i regret this took all week to write but the truth is between the heat and humidity and it being my period week i wasn't much up to any "playing" that was worthy of much of a story.

i finally felt better later yesterday and in the evening, after a long hot day, took a cool-ish shower. Recalling your assignment and having regretted putting it off for days i was aware that i needed to act and report to you. So being in the shower and home alone at the time i concluded that the timing had worked out.

After a quick but thorough enough lathering and rinsing i took hold of the back brush which has a smooth, rounded handle, and touched myself. Water was gently cascading down my torso as i closed my eyes and thought of you getting into the shower and embracing me. i thought of how "eddie" would have likely responded and poked at my lower tummy and below as i rubbed my outer self with the handle. With one hand i kneaded one breast while with the other i rocked the handle back and forth over my clit and outer lips.

Eyes closed i concentrated on the light water cascading down on me, occasionally blowing water from my mouth as my fingers worked their respective places.

Soon i found it more comfortable to lean on the rear wall of the shower, one leg propped up to one side and my right hand then working the handle back n forth, back n forth, dreaming that you were standing in front of me with my leg propped to one side, thrusting in and out of me.

i concentrated the handle on my clit but on occasion probed just inside my lips with the end of the handle -- in and and out......up and down.....up and down.....water lightly spraying my legs and torso now rather than my head and chest.

Soon the pressure of the handle and my care in using it were not sufficient so i took the brush in my left hand, now probing inside myself with the first inch or two, while my right hand more aggressively rubbed my clit.

In about a minute i climaxed and my back eased down the back of the shower wall several inches before i caught my downward slide. i tossed the brush aside and with both hands massaged myself in both crevices and along both lips as my orgasm subsided.

i tasted my fingers before washing them in the light spray, then whispered to myself "thank You Master" before collecting myself and getting out to dry.

i've not had intercourse or sucked him all week. i am sure that will change tonight or tomorrow.

i hope You enjoyed my story of fantasizing of You.



you can rest assured that I am pleased that you fantasized OF and FOR Me. you better than most can appreciate My need for you to do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it.

I have read it over 4 times now and it has made Me smile, and more importantly, awoken Eddie....smiles

I sit here in wait for you to come to Master this day.....My hardness and anticipation a direct result of your successful accomplishment of your task......

good girl!

- Master