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2013-07-12 21:51:46 (UTC)

Friday 12th July.

my week has been pretty routine.. work has been cruisy. got a message today from a mate saying he'd just gotten engaged, which is awesome. still remember clearly a few years ago when they first got together and somehow always knew this day would come for them. looking forward to a few congratulatory beers at the variety night with him tomorrow. the soccer lads are trying hard to make me still catch the bus to Naracoorte early sunday morning (9am) even though i'm not playing because of tomorrow night. I booked Monday off work just incase it happens, but I don't like my chances of having a big night and getting up at 8.30 in the morning just for a bus trip and to keep drinking later in the day/night.. even though they are always good times with good people. we'll see what happens I guess but i'm not overly fussed either way. someone else will just have to do the match report if I don't make it haha. allllll week I've been thinking about Claire, as usual. she's like an addiction. except I've never been addicted to something so much ever before. also realised during the week how much she helps her family & friends out when they need her, she really is something special. been watching the ashes til late every night, Australia's biggest sporting rivalry boo-yah. hopefully the tiges can get up tomorrow arvo against the gold coast as well, it's not on free to air TV so i'll probably head down to the pub to watch it at about 5pm, then just stay til the bus leaves there and out to glencoe @ 7.30pm. anyway it's just ticked over midnight here and I better hit the sack.

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