Experienced Life
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2013-07-10 23:47:24 (UTC)

I know this is bad but beware of Karma!

Just saying that Karma is alive and well. I've experienced enough in my life for multiple lifetimes. Remember the Ex's older daughter? This is from a previous marriage. This is a small recap of what she's done to me in my life.

1) Held a birthday party in my home. She was about 16 at the time. Party got out of control. Teen gangbangers came in and tried to force their way into my home. They left shouting some stupid gang name and shot off 6 rounds as they drove off. Don't know if they were shooting at the house or just up in the air. Still, who the fuck cares? What a kodak fucking moment.

2) She slacks off at this last chance loser high school where they place soon-to-be-dropouts. She was failing there and I know why. She would just talk on her cell phone and fall asleep with it on her ear. Well, the counselor calls her in and this bitch tells the counselor that I shot up the house and there was still bullet holes in the house where I shot at. Of course, CPS gets called. CPS calls the cops on me at home. Cops see nothing but CPS tells me that I have to leave the house for two weeks via the fucking phone. I come back home and guess what? CPS tells me that "yes, we found out it wasn't true" Fuck that shit. So the fucking bitch only said that as an excuse as to why she was flunking school. My firearms got taken away. I finally got them back after fighting for my rights to own firearms.

3) Everytime that my house got ransacked while I was at work, I know for a fact that this older daughter of my EX was one of the ones that helped haul my things out of the house (while I was at work). I know this because my neighbor told me she saw them doing this while I was gone.

4) This bitch used my medical card without me knowing and used it to have a baby. Medical provider finds out and goes after my ass for the bill. Mother fucker!!!!! The cost for this baby was about 25,000 bucks!!! I emailed my ex's daughter to see if they could at least pay 100 bucks a month and of course, not even a reply.

Can't even think of all the shit she did to me. There is more. Lots more. I'm thinking with all this bad karma on me I should win the lotto or something by now but so far, I can't quit my day job.

Now the Karma part. Sorry if this sounds bad to some of you. It is.
This loving ex step daughter (I'm guessing is now about 22-23) got hit with something. She has her man and a kid. Another kid on it's way. Living off the government of course. Cancer has hit this family. I wish it was her but it got her man. I say fuck her for all she's done to me. Karma got her and it is what it is.

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