Experienced Life
2013-07-10 20:21:34 (UTC)

Ex still acting like the beee atch!!!

So I get this text from the ex. Apparently, she is in Sacramento but didn't tell me. She asked to see me and I said I'm working. I try to be nice since I don't want to be that grumpy old man that nobody can stand. I make small chit chat and kept it low key.

Later she texts me with something saying she has some bad news. Of course, I bite I ask her to call me and tell me what's up. She of course stays silent, won't text back and doesn't call. Mother fucking bitch!!!!!! Some people should really really just die. I since she still does her high school pranks and doesn't communicate, I text her back. I ask why she bothered me today. I did nothing wrong to her and I was at peace in my own little world. Why in the world would she bother me for? She gains nothing by it and it does no one any good.

So I recap what happened tonight and I give her one point for pissing me off again. I just wasted precious moments of my life that I can't get back and I slap myself for falling for it again.

Oh yeah, earlier during the small chit-chat, she did say she was going to try to qualify for permanent disability. I told her good luck but I was thinking what a burden on the American economy. Now I don't want to get racist here but in my mind, I am thinking what a typical (fill in race here).

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