Mrs Pankhurst's Chagrin

Trying To Save My Marriage
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2013-07-10 05:48:02 (UTC)

The Begining

Husband and I had another fucking row last night - over nothing as per usual.

He ended up smashing 4 holes in the walls of my beautiful little house and the sad thing is I was actually hoping he'd hit me, then I could have thrown him out for good and we'd not have had to get back on this irritating, boring bloody treadmill.

Anyway, we're back on it, as per fucking usual and I am not going through that argument again, I said last time if it happens again it is over, but hey presto he refused to leave and I got tired. So next time the Boy and I will have to move out and obviously that will take a bit of forethought and planning.

I will begin saving so that if I need a removal van and a deposit it is there, but I love my home and as I am not capable of kicking Husband out perhaps I'd better try and solve our problems.

I'm not likely to start burdening my friends with my problems, I have a reputation as a perfect house-wife, friend and mother to keep up - so I am hoping dear Diary that you will be my friend and therapist, I can spew out all my bile and the bits of me I'd not bear to my poor old public and family here and hopefully come away feeling unburdened - if I get noters and end up feeling chastised then that is cool too, I do need reminding that even though this is MY diary and MY headspace, everything doesn't revolve around my ego, even though the world would be a much better place if it did!

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