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2013-07-08 19:25:42 (UTC)

Monday 8th July.

so turns out I kinda massively overreacted to the picture Claire sent.. which is a good thing because it meant that it wasn't what I was thinking ha. it was actually meant to be a video of some kind of obstacle or something I don't really know. so yeah had a bit of a chat to her and apologised for being a bit of a spaz. we won soccer 6-0 against Portland which was pretty much expected.. and there's a bus trip to Naracoorte (1hr away) next week, but i'm not playing due to the glencoe variety night being the night before. also told Claire I was thinking about moving over there, which I still am.. and that started a good chat about what we can actually do. she doesn't think it's worth me moving there because I wouldn't know anyone etc and there's nothing there for me apart from her I guess.. which is true. but I really don't care about that, i'm a pretty laid back bloke and I make friends easily enough. getting a job and a place to live would be the only concern if I decided to move there, and leaving my job here. aaand it really sucks because she's got a really good job at the moment which is paying for her study and all of that, so she can't move anywhere or leave that.. and she wont finish her study for up to a year or something :( I literally can't stop thinking about her, it makes me smile though. I just want to be with her. I kinda feel happy and sad at the same time if that's possible? I know my feelings aren't ever going to change though. and i want to go back and visit her, or her to come visit me. I just wish we had a clear-cut plan, or something to work towards. just realised it's only been a month since I went and seen her.. far out it feels like forever ago for some reason.. even though I can remember it like it was yesterday. I do need her in my life though, I've never been so sure of anything.

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