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2013-07-07 00:54:11 (UTC)

saturday night.

had a good chat on the phone last night with Claire which was nice :) it's good hearing her voice, I miss it. today I went to Grace's 1st birthday which had a good turnout, and she was all smiles which was pretty cute. Richmond got flogged though :( umm tonight I was kinda keen to go see the movie 'world war z' but nobody else was keen.. so ended up just hangin' out with Chelsea watching like a scrubs marathon. nearly the best show ever. then later tonight something weird happened.. at like midnight my time (2.30 kiwi) Claire messaged saying she hoped I had a really good night and she misses me, then like 50 minutes later she sent a picture with what looked like her friend Mike sitting on the edge of her bed.. with the comment 'Mike and I' ..... now I hate to be the one to jump to conclusions... but, that picture got my head spinning. I mean, why would she send me the picture if it wasn't meant to mean something. did she even mean to send it to me? and if she did.. why would she do something like that... is she trying to make me go crazy or something? because if she is it's working. now i'm sitting here with all these heaps uncomfortable thoughts in my head. I wouldn't have thought that anything would happen... but why would she send the picture. far out. I could be over-reacting. I hope she just tells me the honest truth tomorrow :( not sure how to feel about it. because just when I was starting to feel comfortable with how we felt about eachother, now I feel like crap. and i think i am genuinely in love with this girl.