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2013-07-05 16:31:18 (UTC)


so I had another dream last night where I was being shot at. 2 in what, 3 nights? awkward. except this time it was a crossbow and it took place out the front of a pub here in the mount. there was some kind of invasion of bikies and there were cops everywhere but I dunno it was like the bikies had them covered pretty easily and were just running around with a massive assortment of weapons. all I remember is seeing the guy with a crossbow and tried jumping over a fence and crawling away.. but he just walked toward me and kept firing his crossbow at me. then, as dreams usually do; it ended just as I was about to be shot in the chest with it. what the. ah well, pretty cruisy day at work again today. the new work bus came in and it's pretty cool. hasn't got a whole lot of guts but it is a work bus afterall ay(holden Colorado). on-call starts tonight so a quiet weekend for me coming up, and soccer training in about 50 minutes. it's tough work trying not to think about Claire all day, and I keep wanting to message her telling her i'm thinking about her and stuff. but if I did that every time I was thinking about her.. well she'd get over a thousand messages a day. aandd that would no doubt be annoying. anyway, I better start getting organised.