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2013-07-05 00:17:12 (UTC)

1/14/13 Mon

Got me after work; 2 star hotel near home; went to sleep at 5; Came home from motel b/f noon; ate leftover watch movie; Richmond appt for Tron's leg; ate next door XLB; came home at 5:30; my eyes have been bad for a week; I gonna go get it checked; fuck I can spend $ on hotel let a guy drive my slk and I'm saving the $ on myself! I'm feeling 不爽about 倒贴. Costco w/t J got a trial pair bought battery; office drop off; eyes see better with the contact so glad its just b/c I'm not wearing the right contact; dinner w/t Andy at hotpot place, ate a lot; late for work but made good $