Simone Francois
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2013-07-04 22:18:55 (UTC)

Taking Action for Max.... R.I.P

Today when I woke up from my nap I was on my way to the kitchen, and my dad said come here Simone, I want to show you something. Don't say anything just watch. So I did. Apparently the police were called to a scene and there was a man there taking a video closer than anyone else was. He apparently was involved in a lawsuit a year before because the police allegedly beat him inside his LA home. The lawsuit was dropped (I think). One of the police officers that responded to the scene, was also one from last year that went to his home. He noticed the guy and said to one of the other officers he's a "troublemaker". Both police officers walked over to approach him. the thing is he had a 2 year old dog Rottweiler, named Max. Before the officers approached him the owner put Max in his black SUV and the windows were rolled down. The owner of the dog walked around the car back to the police officers (there were 2) and he turned around so the police could handcuff him. The dog started barking (remember the windows are rolled down) I think because of all the activity going around him, you'll notice in the video there are ALOT of police cars. Now think about it you are a loyal dog and you love your owner so you are going to start barking. Well the officer that was involved in the lawsuit a year earlier shoved the owners shoulder, HARD. Now remember that dog was already riled up, but because the officer showed brutality the dog started to try to climb out the window. The dog jumped out the window and ran toward the officers. Didn't lunge ,yet ,though. In one point in the video the dog stops coming at the officers and starts sniffing the grass for like a second. That split second could've saved the dogs life, but no. The officer that didn't shove the owner got his gun out and pointed the gun at the dog, in warning. The officer didn't shoot yet, so the dog just jumped toward the hand holding the gun. Then that's when it all went down. The officer shot 4 times at the dog. I think one shot would've been enough, but that fucking officer shot FOUR. The dog started to whimper and rolled on his back and started kicking his legs in the air. And the people already there to watch what was going on started shouting and going "Oh my god he shot the dog", "The dog is going to die". Speak out against this. Here's the link to the video on YouTube, "[FULL] Police Arrest Man For Filming Then Shoot His Dog Right In Front Of Him!" It's age restricted. But if you really want to watch it you can use this account I made for you guys... email: [email protected] password: 1100343966
Speak out and leave a comment. This dog didn't have to die. When police arrive at a scene they should secure the scene. The windows were up so they should've said hey man roll your windows up when they approached him. Also they could've stopped their conversation with the guy and told him to roll his windows up when they were talking to him.

Rot in hell you fucking officers- Simone

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