Simone Francois
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2013-07-04 15:07:48 (UTC)

Fourth of July

So it's going to rain this fourth of July. I'm not too disappointed. Sometimes i'm an outdoors person other days i'm a leave me the hell alone so I can finish my book kind of person other days. Today is one of those days where I don't want to be bothered. I went to bed late last night and the only reason I actually slept was because my dad got up to use the bathroom and told me to go to bed because he saw my light on under the door. I went to bed around 3:48am. I would've gone to bed at around maybe 5:00am I guess. Then I woke up the same day at 2:43pm in the afternoon. So yeah, i'm a little hung over I guess. All the more reason to just enjoy my day quietly. I guess this is really lame of me, I don't think any other 13 year olds are having a "lame" fourth of July. I bet you all the preps are half way to California or Hawaii by now. Believe it or not i'm the quiet type today, and my parents are old enough that when they come home from work they want to take a nap. So today will actually be quiet I guess, in a way. My dad doesn't have to work today, but my mom works at Emory so she has to go everyday even Christmas, but we wake up really early and open are presents around 7:00am and she's out the door by 8:30am and at work by 9:00am. So it's all good we always get to see her on the important holidays even if we don't get her for the whole day. I love my mom though and my dad. He makes me laugh all the time. When he eats pizza, he bites down and as he's biting down he squints his whole face up, eyes, teeth bared, wrinkly forehead and when he does this me and my brother look at each other at exactly the same time and burst out laughing. My mom she makes me feel good about my self. When she wakes me up she kisses my cheek and says "Come, on get up Simone" then she pretend like she's going to go out of my room and then she'll come running back before I can do anything and she'll tickle me like there's no tomorrow. I guess all I need for the fourth of July is Family because that's what makes it special, that and my book, "Fallen" ,by Lauren Kate, which I highly recommend.

That's all for now- Simone Francois

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