The Real Me
2013-07-03 19:25:03 (UTC)

My painful knee.

My life so far is kool. Its sort of stabalising. I went out with Diana and we were running in heels to get into venue that was about to close..and right then I friggin fell slam onto the ground, not even a decent normal fall it was just flat out SPLAT. And Diana fell right on top of me, which scraped my knee real bad and I mean to the point where I had to go to the doctors. Well anyway, these couple of guys saw and literally came running to help. Me and diana get up and we are like "nah we kool its kool" and right then she bangs her head on a pole, her head advances back and bangs into my nose and all you hear the guys say is "ahhhh shit" despite that we get up and carry on running. Yes I walked into a club with an open bleeding wound because I was drunk and didnt realize there was blood trickling down my leg. Toilet attendants saw and burst into the god damn bathroom with a medical team to bandage my leg...anyways I carried on clubbing...found an iphone 4s haha. Its not until the next morning I realized how badly i cut it. So since then ive been trying to juggle my leg and my new job. Lovley. I guess the jobs pretty exciting, its lots of travel, writing blogs, creating campaiigns, advertising etc. Very marketing orientated, but internships suck because im not getting paid shit except travel expenses and im pretty damn broke. Ibiza in 3 weeks =D bloody fat again...I havnt been gym in 2 going to try and go tomorow...even though my knee is so bad..or maybe I shouldnt? I duno. =