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2013-07-03 23:07:04 (UTC)

hump day.

well here it is, hump day of the week ay. had a cruisy as day going through site familiarisations @ Penola, Lucindale & Mt. Burr. the new work bus wont be ready til Friday and i'm supposed to start on-call tomorrow night but might have to get someone to cover the night ha. looking forward to a quiet weekend though. have sal's daughter grace's 1st birthday party on Saturday which will be cute. stix & crusher came around and chilled out for a bit after work this arvo, stix hates staying with his missus's sister.. because their house is just a filthy mess.. so he stays at mine for as long as possible before going there. and crusher plays mixed netty on Wednesdays and lives about 15 mins out of town so just stays at mine til he plays then goes home. went out to glencoe and had tea with dad, tammy, nan, jake(cousin) & his wife Kathryn because nan and her friend are heading up to western queensland for a trip. i'm sure they'll have a ball, they always do. hooked on the song 'wake me up' by avicii. I like the tune, lyrics.. all of it. every now and again a song comes along that I just get literally hooked on. the last one was 'impossible' by james arthur. i'm not used to having uncontrollable feelings about someone either hey. all my life I've been on top of things. and in control. but when it comes to Claire, I feel so.. vulnerable. I guess it's why I kinda felt the way I did last night for a while. because i'm so afraid of losing her. I think i'm genuinely afraid of losing someone for the first time in my life. i like her more than anything, and she likes me as well. and all I want to be able to do, is hold her, and kiss her, and be with her. but right now I can't, and it makes me sad.

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