Simone Francois
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2013-07-03 02:01:26 (UTC)

TV Shows

I miss Savvon. I got an email form him on yahoo (my email) and I responded. Now here's the freaking problem, yahoo won't let me login because I have to get parental permission. I don't even know why. In the informational paragraph that I read it talked a little about cyber bullying, so I guess my parents need to approve me somehow to yahoo. Well there's also something else I heard. You know how it's July 3rd today? Well they said tomorrow it's supposed to rain. Like on the 4th of July. And usually I like rain, but I was really looking forward to some fireworks. Well I guess I'll be ok. My dad and my brother and me have been planting a garden in the backyard, and since it'll be raining tomorrow I decided that I want to go to the library. After I'm done writing this journal entry I will go on to my library's website and look at books that I can check out for tomorrow. I'm also kinda pissed that I couldn't load that last of that Vampire Diaries episode (4x08). I guess i'll live. I'm also kinda mad that I have to wait till next Monday (7/8/13) for the next episode (ep.#6) of Teen Wolf. The last thing I have to say about episodes is that I can't wait till October when The Walking Dead Season 5 starts. My dad told me they film it in Atlanta. That's so crazy because I live in Atlanta. I mean to think that I live within miles of one of my favorite TV shows! Speaking of the Walking Dead my 7th grade Language Arts teacher Ms. Baer lives in the same neighborhood as the producer for that show. Also one of my class mates in that class met the walker that killed Lori. Since i'm talking about my classmates that met famous people, this isn't really relevant to the Walking Dead discussion ,but the hottest guy in that class Braden (he's 14!!) ,has met the Papa John's guy. I've also met Victoria Stillwell. She has a dog named Sadie. My neighbor (well she's not my neighbor anymore because she left her husband) ,Joyce gave Vicky that dog. Joyce got that dog from a women who died. She used to live in the house on the left of mine. So when the lady died they gave the dog to Joyce who in turn gave it to Vicky (that's what I call her). Speaking of Victoria Stillwell I miss watching her show. I know it still airs and all ,but it comes on really early in the morning like 6 or 8 (am) and for me in the summer that's freaking early. I usually get up at 1 pm. Depending on how late I got to bed I might get up earlier or even later. I think I've wrote enough for one entry until next time Diary.

- Simone Francois